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  • DeklinKelly
    Community Member
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    autocomplete="off" Link to this post

    How can I add autocomplete="off" to a form field?

    $fields->push( new TextField( "Your Phone") );

  • martimiz
    Forum Moderator
    1086 Posts

    Re: autocomplete="off" Link to this post

    Afaik the only way to do that is extending the (Text)Field. Something like

    class MyAutocompleteTextField extends TextField {

       function Field() {
          $attributes = array(
             'type' => 'text',
             'class' => 'text' . ($this->extraClass() ? $this->extraClass() : ''),
             'id' => $this->id(),
             'name' => $this->Name(),
             'value' => $this->Value(),
             'tabindex' => $this->getTabIndex(),
             'maxlength' => ($this->maxLength) ? $this->maxLength : null,
             'size' => ($this->maxLength) ? min( $this->maxLength, 30 ) : null

          if($this->disabled) $attributes['disabled'] = 'disabled';

          // add the new attribute here: <==========
          $attributes['autocomplete'] = 'off';

          return $this->createTag('input', $attributes);



    $fields->push( new MyAutocompleteTextField( "Your Phone") );

  • Tama
    Community Member
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    Re: autocomplete="off" Link to this post

    On a similar topic, what's the best way to add autocomplete = "off" to the password field on the Login page?

    Or all password fields for that matter.

    I don't want to hack the core.

  • swaiba
    Forum Moderator
    1792 Posts

    Re: autocomplete="off" Link to this post

    This is how I've done it, not the greatest but works...




    class CustomLoginForm extends MemberLoginForm {
       public function __construct($controller, $name, $fields = null, $actions = null, $checkCurrentUser = true) {
          parent::__construct($controller, $name, $fields, $actions);

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