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  • Mackodlak
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    Custom search function instead $SearchForm - template thing, same funtionality Link to this post


    so I have a question, I have a search form in css that I have to use, and I'm having problems with it... It is using some backgroundimage and such things so if I use it in form.css so $searchform picks it up automatically it is also used in forum search and it looks ugly there.
    So what I would like to do is make my own custom function for search that uses the layout it should and leave the form.css alone.

    How would I do it?

    How would I call this function?

    Thank you!

    PS: for some further assistance in assisting me this is css:

    ------------------------------------------------ */
    ul#SearchResults {
       margin: 10px 0;
       ul#SearchResults li {
          list-style: none;
          margin: 5px 0;
          font-size: 1em;

    ------------------------------------------------ */

    #search {

    fieldset.search {
       border: none;
       width: 201px;
    .search input,
    .search button {
       border: none;
       float: left;

    .search input.box {
       width: 155px;
       height: 31px;
       background: url(../images/search_all.gif) no-repeat left top;
       font-size: 12px;
       padding: 2px 8px 0px;
    .search input.box:focus {

    .search button.btn {
       width: 30px;
       height: 31px;
       cursor: pointer;
       text-indent: -9999px;
       background: #FFFFFF url(../images/search_all.gif) no-repeat top right;
    .search button.btn:hover {

    atm in layout it's used as :

                <div id="search">
                   <form id="searchform" action="#/" method="get">
                      <fieldset class="search">
                      <input class="box" type="text" value="Traži...">
                      <button class="btn" title="Submit Search">Search</button>

    and it should be made workable by inserting some action instead "#/"

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