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  • chrisnz
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    Silverstripe application flow chart or architecture diagram? Link to this post

    I've been hunting around for an application flow chart or some kind of architecture diagram of how Silverstripe works but can't find one. If there is one, can someone link me to it?

    I think it would be very beneficial to have an official one for new Silverstripe developers to have an understanding how it all hangs together. For starters a high level diagram similar to the Code Ignitor one would be great. In fact I suggest this is included on Page 1 of the documentation/manual because "a picture is worth a thousand words".

    Ideally you'd also need a few more detailed, separate diagrams that explain the complex parts of the high level diagram, for example explain how rendering a template works or how form submission and redirections are handled within Silverstripe.

    My colleage (who has been using Silverstripe for one year) and I (one month) have thrown together a basic diagram of how we think it probably works. It's not complete though. Can the Silverstripe Devs please correct it or make a new official one as to how it actually works? See Google Docs diagram. To edit it just log in and go File -> Make a Copy.

    Many thanks

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  • Willr
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    Re: Silverstripe application flow chart or architecture diagram? Link to this post

    The whole project will be taking quite a change for 3.0, the manifest and some other core (like configuration) is changing so would be good to document the whole thing before that gets released. Raise this as a documentation ticket on open.silverstripe.org and I can make sure it's assigned for the release.

    I wouldn't recommend putting this on the first page of the tutorials.. If you look at the tutorials and how they're structured it's quite basic for the first 3 steps. Unless someone volunteers the time to go through and restructure / write the docs to provide a logical process *wink*

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