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  • B-Side
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    dev/build issue on MS SQL database Link to this post

    Hi there

    I am developing a site on my local dev server running MySQL for a production site running MS SQL. Most things are going smoothly for the deployment to the MS SQL server end (except MS SQL doesn't allow the LIMIT function!?).

    However I am getting an odd dev/build report each and every time I run it, even when nothing has been altered. It seems to want to change some column names as below. It doesn't throw an error, but I'm wondering if this is something I need to remedy? Any ideas?

    Thanks, Jayne

    Index File.SearchFields: changed to fulltext (Filename,Title,Content) (from fulltext (Title,Filename,Content))


    Index Page_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index BlogEntry_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index BlogTree_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index BlogTree_versions.SideBarID: changed to (SideBarID) (from unique (SideBarID))
    Index NewsPage_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index ErrorPage_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index RedirectorPage_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index VirtualPage_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index UserDefinedForm_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))
    Index BlogHolder_versions.Version: changed to (Version) (from unique (Version))

  • Willr
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    Re: dev/build issue on MS SQL database Link to this post

    If it's blue then you don't need to worry too much about it. Likely the MSSQL engine isn't correctly detecting alterations so it won't hurt the data.

  • B-Side
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    Re: dev/build issue on MS SQL database Link to this post

    Thanks for that Willr - that's what I was hoping. Cheers, Y.

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