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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • dizzystuff
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    Non-persistent multiple domain landing pages Link to this post

    Ok, putting this into General Questions as I'm not sure which category it'd fall into. And sorry about the thread title lol, I've got no idea what to title this one!

    Part of a site/app I'm working on will have a directory of organisations (with categories, tags, etc) for a particular vertical. Easy enough, CRUD via (probably) a ModelAdmin. A form to allow organisations not yet in the directory to submit their info for approval and publishing to the directory.

    The site will have a "members' area", so the plan is also to be able to associate specific members with specific organisations so that they are able to login and keep their info up to date without administrator intervention.

    My question revolves around the following. I'd then like these verified members to be able to associate their own domain with their page in our directory. Template of the page will remain the same as the rest of the site, that particular listing is simply the 'home' page for that domain.

    (So for the organisations who don't have a web presence, they can start out by simply pointing their domain to their directory listing. In this vertical there are plenty.)

    If the visitor to that domain then clicks any where on the page to navigate to a different part of our site, the organisation's domain should *not* be persistent, the user

    I'm thinking that I can look in to the code to see how the "make this page the home page for this domain" field works as it exists currently on pages out-of-the-box in SS and use something similar to route organisations' domains to their listing page, but I'm not sure how I could or what challenges I would face in ensuring that their domain is not persistent when visitors land there and then try to browse the rest of the site.

    Can anybody offer some guidance or thoughts on how doable or not this and any challenges I might (or might not) face? Any big picture overview of how it could be done?


  • dizzystuff
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    Re: Non-persistent multiple domain landing pages Link to this post

    Any help or advice on this one?

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