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  • sashion
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    Translation Sitetree Bug? Link to this post


    to start with... I already used the Language Extension and it always seemed to work.
    Now that I use Silverstripe v 2.4.6 I tried to use the new way of including it like this:

    Object::add_extension('SiteTree', 'Translatable');

    The thing is when I do it the folling effects appear:

    Frontend: The navigation and the content disappear
    Backend: tI do see the translation tab.... but the Site-Tree Stucture doesn´t show all Children anymore in the German default language

    I know this sounds weird.. but maybe anyone of you stumpled over anything similar?

    Thanx in advance,

  • sashion
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    Re: Translation Sitetree Bug? Link to this post

    Hey Folks,

    Finally I solved it myself.
    If anyone is facing kind of the same trouble as I did this might be a solution:

    Silverstripe seems to get confused if you define the default language after creating some sites and then activating the translation.
    So first all you have to do is delete all pages you created for your second language so that only your default mother language sites are left. Then go to the Database table 'SiteTree' and ensure that the field 'Locale' has everywhere not only a but also the same value, in my case 'de_DE'. Now you should be able to create foreign language pages without any weird UI / frontend effects.

    Hope this helps anyone in the future


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