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    Mailchimp API help Link to this post

    I am trying to integrate the Mailchimp API into a Silverstripe form. Using the smartchimp module, I was able to get it working, but I can't figure out how to implement the ajax functionality so that there is no re-direct on form submission. I would like to have the success message or api error message load in a response div above the form. Here's the code for the Smartchimp module:


    class SmartChimpSignupPage extends Page {

       static $db = array(
          //   @todo:   provide optional dropdown for entering username/password??
          'MCApiKey'         => 'Varchar(50)',   //   api_key
          'MCListKey'         => 'Varchar(50)',   //   list_unique_id
          'MCSuccessContent'   => 'HTMLText'

       static $mc_api_version = '1.2';

       function getCMSFields() {
          $fields = parent::getCMSFields();

             new TextField('MCApiKey', _t('SmartChimp.MCAPIKEY', 'Username')),
             new TextField('MCListKey', _t('SmartChimp.MCLISTKEY', 'Unique ID for List')),
             new HTMLEditorField('MCSuccessContent', _t('SmartChimp.MCSuccessContent', 'Signup Success Content'))


          return $fields;


    class SmartChimpSignupPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

       function Form() {
          if (Session::get('SmartChimp.SUCCESS')) {
             return false;

          $form = new Form($this, 'Form',
             new FieldSet(
                //   @todo:   add language support for these fields!
                new TextField('email', 'Email Address'),
                new TextField('fname', 'First Name'),
                new TextField('lname', 'Last Name')
             new FieldSet(
                new FormAction('SignupAction', 'Sign Up')
             new RequiredFields('email')

          $this->extend('updateSmartChimpForm', $form);

          return $form;

       public function mcsuccess() {
          if (Session::get('SmartChimp.SUCCESS'))
             $this->Content = $this->MCSuccessContent;

          return $this;

       function SignupAction($raw_data, $form) {
          $data = Convert::raw2sql($raw_data);


          $api = new MCAPI("$this->MCApiKey");
          $list_key = $this->MCListKey;
          $mergeVars = array(
             'FNAME'   => $data['fname'],
             'LNAME'   => $data['lname']

          $this->extend('updateSmartChimpSignupAction', $data, $mergeVars);

          if (true === $api->listSubscribe($list_key, $data['email'], $mergeVars)) {
             //   success!
             Session::set('SmartChimp.SUCCESS', true);
             return $this->mcsuccess();
          else {
             //   failure!
             $form->sessionMessage($api->errorMessage, 'warning');
             return $this;


    I am only looking to do a basic listsubscribe() and don't need any of the fancy dancin that some of the other Silverstripe Mailchimp modules that I have seen provide (i.e., integration with members, access to my MC list from the SS CMS. etc).

    Has anyone done anything like this? I'm stumped! Thanks.

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