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  • vwd
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    CMS won't Save & Publish 2 pages - Firebug reveals 404 error Link to this post


    I have a strange error occurring with the CMS - on our production server, 2 of 5 pages of the site won't save. When 'Save & Publish' is clicked, the progress animation keeps spinning and the status message 'Saving' is displayed. Nothing is saved though.

    Opening Firebug reveals that there is a 404 error.

    Below is the post output:

    CanEditType         Inherit
    CanViewType         Inherit
    ClassName         Page
    Content            <div> New content </div>
    ContentHeading      My Problematic Page
    ID               7
    LiveURLSegment      http://www.mydomain.org/problematic-page/
    MenuTitle            Problematic Page
    MetaTitle            Problematic Page
    ParentID            0
    ParentType         root
    Priority            1.0
    SecurityID            d47fdasd98asyudlsakjdha9878309e791e83
    ShowInMenus         1
    ShowInSearch         1
    Sort               3
    StageURLSegment      http://www.mydomain.org/problematic-page/
    Title               Problematic Page
    URLSegment         problematic-page
    action_save         1
    ajax               1
    publish            1
    restricted-chars[Form_Edi...   [^A-Za-z0-9-]+
    restricted-chars[Form_Edi...   -
    restricted-chars[Form_Edi...   URLs can only be made up of letters, digits and hyphens.
    restricted-messages[Form_...   Another page is using that URL. URL must be unique for each page

    Below is the Safari Console Output:

    Refused to set unsafe header "Connection"
    EditFormPOST http://www.mydomain.org/admin/EditForm 404 (Not Found)
    leftandmain.js:368TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating '$('statusMessage').showMessage(msg,'bad')')

    Any ideas how to fix this problem? We have no problems at all on the development server.

    Thanks very much.

  • vwd
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    Re: CMS won't Save & Publish 2 pages - Firebug reveals 404 error Link to this post

    Very very bizarre... Can anyone enlighten me!

    After a resorting to a binary search process of elimination, I narrowed it down to the strangest thing...

    It appears that any time the word "system" appears as the last or only word in a Title or Alt attribute in the content, this bizarre problem occurs.

    When I even remove a character from the word "system" (eg. "syste"), the problem goes away.

    Note that this only happens on the production server. So I wonder whether there is some security measure sanitising AJAX posts or DB inserts, picking up the keyword "system" as the last word in a Title/Alt field...

    Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks.

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