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  • Loopy
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    Is there a way to impliment form action="URL Link to this post

    Hi guys

    Slowly finding ways to do various bits and pieces with Silverstripe but am stuck on this one. I need to build a form, but not one that searches for data in my silverstripe database.

    I have an account with a partner site who are data service provider. They supply me with a piece of html code that I paste into the relevant position on a page on my site. When users select the relevant search terms from drop down boxes on the search field the snippet uses the expression

    <form action="http://app.mysite/search/?suppliersite=account number" method="get">

    This is followed by a table which details the form layout and drop down selection variables. When the user selects variables from drop down lists and presses search they are taken user to a page on my partners site that has my site header and colour scheme along with the search results.

    The tutorial on forms seems straight forward enough but I can't figure out How to run "form action method get" statement. The forms function on ss looks like it is predicated around the ss database.

    If it helps I have only installed the standard ss package and a theme that appears to be a modified version of Blackcandy. I have modified the theme to get the look I want but other than that everything is standard.

    One possible solution would be to alter ss to allow all html tags and commands to be allowed in editor but as things stand if I cut and paste this into the editor it puts <p> tags on everyline.

    Can anyone help on this?

  • Plato
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    Re: Is there a way to impliment form action="URL Link to this post




    Fiddling with the WISIWYG gets messy fast, I don't recommend it

    But if you really want to get into it:

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