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  • edwardlewis
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    Data Objects or Page Tree Link to this post

    Hi there..

    I'm just looking for a bit of advice and guideance before I start creating a site for myself.

    The site will be a directory site with around 1000 venues on. I'm not sure whether I should approach it by adding these items as data objects or just manage them through the page tree and just create the url structures manually.

    What are the plus and minis points of each approach?

  • swaiba
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    Re: Data Objects or Page Tree Link to this post

    Biggest factor I would say is translation - and then versioning and then things like widgets.
    I guess if translation is never going to be an issue the next most important is how to manage the sitetree size - 1000 pages I think would be far too much to manage int he current CMS (but remember SS3 is coming).

    This http://www.ssbits.com/tutorials/2012/dataobject-as-pages-the-module/ might help you decide and reading the previous articles where Araam discusses the benifets.

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