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    Silverstripe Doubling Requests? Link to this post


    about a month ago I had a data import run by Silverstripe behaving really strange, all values were importet twice. (in two sets, so the data set was imported once completely and then again). A couple of weeks ago I had another import process in another Silverstripe Project doing the same.
    Now, on a third, different Silverstripe Project, we are sending confirmation mails which always came twice, the 2nd one always one or two seconds after the first one.

    I then configured an Error Logger with

    SS_Log::add_writer(new SS_LogFileWriter(Director::baseFolder() . '/log/live.log'), SS_Log::WARN, '<=');

    and created a db error by changing access-data.
    The logfile showed that all of these errors came doubled as well:

    EDIT: removed logs.

    So this really seems to me like SS is doubling every call i do on the system.

    Does anyone have similar experiences or any idea what we could have done wrong to produce such a behaviour?

    This currently is quite serious so i would be REALLY grateful for any hint.

    it seems that it was not Silverstripe, but Chrome doubling these requests. I checked the apache access logs and compared Chrome Requests to Firefox Requests. Chrome seems to send every singel Request twice.

    I know this goes OT now, but has anyone experience with similar behaviour?

    Thanx & Regards

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