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  • Mrfixer
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    Thoughts required on Admin management of modules Link to this post

    Hi guys, quick question for you to see what the general concensus of opinion is on page management within a module at CMS.

    Im using an example of a module that will have several page types, think of something on the lines of a classifieds / property listings site where various page types are needed such as HomePage listings, CategoryPage, SingleListingPage and so on.

    Is it better to have any options that are set by admin done on a page per page basis, ie when Admin creates a page otions specific to that page are chosen

    or (not really looked into how possible this other option would be, if it is at all possible)

    Would it be better to have all options managed directly via one page added into CMS (on module install) that can include all options for the module where Admin can flow through them all pretty quickly and they are already set to go when page types are created..

    If this is possible is there a module / tutorial that anyone can recommend that i can actualy take a look at to see how it would be implented. There is this http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=private:tutorial:creating-a-module but it goes nowhere.


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