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  • Xazen
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    Dynamically replace a form Link to this post

    Hi SilverStripe Community,

    I want to create a contact page which can display different forms. On the right are <button/>-TAGs to switch between the forms.

    For example my contact.ss looks like this and my page type has got the functions $FormOne and $FormTwo to return a form:

    <div id="Form">

    After I click on the 2nd button $FormOne should be replaced by $FormTwo.

  • martimiz
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    Re: Dynamically replace a form Link to this post

    Looking at the options that I can think of:

    1. have multiple forms on the page, and show the required one using JavaScript. Considerable overhead, not easy to implement the correct response to the form, spamprotection and stuff, so I wouldn't

    2. if the button is pressed, reload the page with the desired form (?form=myform or implement a action/rule?)

    3. use AJAX to dynamically load the desired form into some container. Maybe falling back to (2) when no javascript available.

    Oh... and the simplest: just have separate pages, each with their own form, replace the custom buttons by a submenu...

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