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  • Josua
    Community Member
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    Standard login form in another language. Link to this post


    How can display standard login form in another language?

    I call it as follows:

    The texts are displayed in English.

    I saw that another useer had the same problem and no one gave him a solution:

    Does not anyone have a solution to this problem?


    Jose A.

  • novaweb
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    Re: Standard login form in another language. Link to this post

    Hola Jose,

    Are you trying to translate your whole website, or just the login page? Do you want the user to be able to choose from English or Spanish, or be forced to use Spanish?

    There are multiple ways to achieve this with varying levels of difficulty.


  • Josua
    Community Member
    86 Posts

    Re: Standard login form in another language. Link to this post

    Hello Josh!

    I'm trying to translate my whole website.

    I would like that users could choose the language, but also detect the browser language to select, in a first moment, the web in that language automatically.

    The following not work correctly:
    public function init() {

    if($this->dataRecord->hasExtension('Translatable')) {

    If I put the following in _config.php:

    $cu_locale = "es_ES";
    then all pages are rendered correctly (even the login form), but this not work to do dynamic changes by the user, unless the cookies are used.

    I've also seen that the Translatable::choose_site_locale function could be used to these matters, but I think it is not possible to overload.

    I have also seen that some texts of the blog widgets are harcoded texts.
    It is strange that at this point have not been made appropiate changes to the blog module to fix these problems. Furthermore when it has been a long time since other people had said it.

    I really like SilverStripe and I know that it is a open source product, but there are some things that should be corrected more quickly. At least if they wish that SilverStripe comes to the same positions as other CMS's.

    I now am a beginner and would like to add my support in the future, but I also think that some things cannot keep without solving months and months, as I have seen when I have begun to study SilverStripe. And this should begin for the base, that's to say, for the SilverStripe company.

    I want these words are taken as something constructive.

    Thank you very much for your attention Josh!!


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