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  • SChristie
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    Moving from localhost to Online Link to this post


    Im new to this type of site creation as my past experience was all done with html and css which i would upload to a server and boom, it would work. Im a little confused with how to get my site online now that im using a CMS. I've created my site under the localhost directory. How do i now migrate what i have to an online server?

    The domain i was planning on using is http://www.names.co.uk/, is this domain capable of hosting the cms?

    My appologies for my lack of knowledge in this area, any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • novaweb
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    Re: Moving from localhost to Online Link to this post

    Hi SChristie,

    Migrating sites is a fairly easy process once you've done it once or twice:

    1) Zip or Tarball your website folder
    2) Backup your MySQL database from your localhost
    3) FTP it up to your server
    4) Extract in public_html directory
    5) edit .htaccess

    Find and delete the RewriteBase line:

    RewriteBase /localhost/mysite

    6) Create a new MySQL database on your webserver
    7) edit mysite/_config.php to reflect these database changes in the database config
    8) Upload the database to your webserver's phpMyAdmin
    9) run www.mysite.com/dev/build?flush=1

    Should be done.


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