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  • J03
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    Drop down Menus Link to this post


    I'm having a problem with my menu system. For two pages I'm using jQuery to show drop down menus. But these two drop downs have different content.

    So for drop down A I need to show images with their title plus a link to the page.

    For drop down B I need to show a selection menu to choose a problem and then the solution is shown.

    But from everything I've looked at, this doesn't seem possible. I've tried InSection, but that doesn't work globally..

    I can do this by hand, but I want the menus to be created using SilverStripe. Most of the code is written to handle this, it's just getting it to display on the menu that I'm having trouble with..

    If you can help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated..

    Thanks, Joe

  • novaweb
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    Re: Drop down Menus Link to this post

    Hey J03,

    You may need to elaborate in order for people to be able to help you. Are you controlling pages, or DataObjects? What part in particular are you struggling with?



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