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  • Lemonie
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    Simple shop gallery Link to this post

    I am creating a page on the website as a shop. I installed the Silverstripe shop but didn't like it. We will only be selling about 3 - 5 items so have just created a page and have added paypal mini cart.

    I want to have a larger image with a few thumbnails underneath that when clicked open where the larger image was. All the options I have tried have the html stripped.

    Is there a module that does this? This is a larger example of what I would like to do:


  • Mrfixer
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    Re: Simple shop gallery Link to this post

    nearest gallery i can think of that looks like that (depends on how its setup of course) is Galleria, im not 100% sure but i think Uncle Cheese added it to a gallery module, try running a forum search for "Galleria"

  • Webdoc
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    Re: Simple shop gallery Link to this post

    its possible first u need to make a gallery with dataobject manager for product.php and then is the theme part and thats all nothing hard.

    it means u can use the module shop and code it a little.

  • swaiba
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    Re: Simple shop gallery Link to this post


    We use pirobox here (same thing really) and it is very easy... this is mainly to avoid using the DOM, but we still use Uploadify....

    Add pirobox (in the require page init)...


    then when you are placing your images on the page in your template do something like this...

    <% if MyImages %>
          <% control MyImages %>
             <a href="$URL" title=" " class="pirobox_gall">
                <% control SetWidth(120) %>
                <% end_control %>
          <% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>

    Alternatively I've been looking to try out https://github.com/codem/DisplayAnything as this looks like a good stand alone image gallery

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