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  • Futureweb
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    CVS import - unknown number of columns Link to this post


    I have a situation where my client will be uploading CSV files.

    The first column defines various 'questons', and the subsequent rows define different peoples answers.

    There are about 100 rows (questions), and the number of columns (answers) keeps growing.

    Instead of creating a database table with all the rows matching the CSV file, I was thinking of having a table with 'question, answer, name'
    name is the name of the person - which is the first question.


    name: jon , Stu , Bob
    age: 31, 20, 56
    nationality: uk, nz, usa
    height: 5ft, 6ft,2ft

    becomes a serious of rows

    question: answer: name
    age: 31, jon
    nationality: uk, jon
    height: 5ft, jon
    age: 20, Stu
    nationality: nz, Stu
    height: 6ft, Stu
    age: 56, Bob
    nationality: usa, Bob
    height: 2ft, Bob

    I would easily be able to search through this, and if the client adds more questions (rows) to the CSV file they just get loaded in.

    However, I'm not really sure where to start... Anyone have any ideas?

  • swaiba
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    Re: CVS import - unknown number of columns Link to this post


    Look into extending "CsvBulkLoader". function processRecord this will allow you to read the csv and write to any number of dataobjects with any logic that you require

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