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  • Fraser
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    Search results for child pages with multiple parents Link to this post

    I have a search form (posted about in a separate post) like such:

    function DealSearchForm() {
       $regions = DataObject::get("RegionPage");
       $fields = new FieldSet(
        new DropdownField('Region', 'Specify Region', $regions->map("ID", "Title", "Any")),
        new DropdownField('Resort', 'Specify Resort', array(''=>'Any'))
        // Create actions
        $actions = new FieldSet(
        new FormAction('doDealSearch', 'Search')
       return new Form($this, 'DealSearchForm', $fields, $actions);

    The Resort dropdown is dynamically populated by jQuery from the jSON generated by:

    function getRegionsJson(){
       $regionsArray = array();
       $regions = DataObject::get("RegionPage");

       foreach($regions as $region) {
          $regionsArray[$region->ID] = array();
          foreach($region->Children() as $resort) {
             $regionsArray[$region->ID][$resort->ID] = $resort->MenuTitle;
       return json_encode($regionsArray);

    The search being processed with:

    public function getResults($searchCriteria = array()) {
          $start = ($this->request->requestVar('start')) ? (int)$this->request->requestVar('start') : 0;
          $limit = 20;
          $where = '"SiteTree"."ClassName" = \'ResortPage\'';
          $sort   = '"SiteTree"."Title"';
          $join   = '';
          if(isset($searchCriteria['Region']) && $searchCriteria['Region'] !=''){
             $where .= ' AND "SiteTree"."parentID" = ' . Convert::raw2sql($searchCriteria['Region']);
          if (isset($searchCriteria['Resort']) && $searchCriteria['Resort'] !=''){
             $where .= ' AND "SiteTree"."ID" = ' . Convert::raw2sql($searchCriteria['Resort']);
          $total = DataObject::get('SiteTree', $where, $sort, $join);
          $records = DataObject::get('SiteTree', $where, $sort, $join, array('start'=>$start,'limit'=>$limit));
          if($records) {
             $records->setPageLimits($start, $limit, $total->Count());
             return $records;
          return new DataObjectSet;

    Which is working swimmingly.... However, there is a many to many relationship that I need to incorporate. A resort could appear in multiple regions. The resorts are stored as a child of a region in the site tree and for the few that that need to appear in another region as well, I have put a checkbox system in the back end to deal with this.

    The additional regions are stored in the ResortPage_AdditionalRegions table (ID | ResortPageID | RegionPageID).

    How can I modify my search SQL to handle this and display (if needed) a resort which is a child of a different Region based on the additional regions table if someone searched for 'any' resort in a selected region


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