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  • Fraser
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    setFormAction causes error Link to this post

    I have a signup form:

    function SignupForm() {
          $fields = new FieldSet(
             new TextField("FirstName", "First name"),
             new TextField("Surname"),
             new EmailField("Email", "Email address")
       $submitAction = new FieldSet(new FormAction("SignupAction", "Sign up"));
       $required = new RequiredFields("Email");
          $SignupForm = new Form($this, "SignupForm", $fields, $submitAction, $required);
          return $SignupForm;

       function SignupAction($data, $form) {

          $member = new Member();

          if($group = DataObject::get_one('Group', "ID = $this->defaultGroupID")){


    Which runs fine from the homepage, however it appears on every page and sub page on the site so I need to set the form action.

    I have tried adding this:


    before return $SignupForm and I get the following error when I submit the form (from anywhere)

    Missing argument 2 for Page_Controller::SignupAction()

    function SignupAction($data, $form) {
    70       $member = new Member();
    71       $form->saveInto($member);

    What is going on here?


  • Bambii7
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    Re: setFormAction causes error Link to this post

    If it's appearing on all pages it sounds like the form might be declared on the Page.php class. If thats right you should make a subpage for the form. Make SignUp.php cut paste the form functions into it. Make SignUp.ss and assign the behavior to the page of your choice.

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