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  • LePhil
    Community Member
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    l18n - Install PHPUnit without PEAR or CLI Link to this post

    Kia Ora, oh silverstriped ones!

    I just started working on a little page in SS. So far I'm very happy and excited about it, as it's (at least for me) a new way to develop websites.

    The problem is that the website should be in 3 languages. I enabled l18n


    and translated most of my pages. Now there are of course elements, like text in a footer or header, that aren't really content and are hardcoded in the template. As it's stated on here I made variables out of them:

    <a href="http://www.silverstripe.com" title="<% _t('VISIT','Visit www.silverstripe.com') %>">

    Now I should be able to collect all these strings via PHPUnit, right?
    Unfortunately, I work on a hosted server and don't have access to a CLI or the core elements of the file system. There are ways, supposedly, to install PHPUnit without PEAR, but mostly require CLI access.

    So. Is there any way I can get the l18n variable overview without CLI or PEAR? How?

    And, almost as important: Will this give me a way to translate/change texts in different languages in the UI? Or do I have to change the text for each language in the database?

    Any advice would be welcome, really. Have been trying to get it to work for 3 hours now without success.

  • LePhil
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    Re: l18n - Install PHPUnit without PEAR or CLI Link to this post

    It was too much of a hassle with our hoster, so we did the list by hand. It's not that much work, anyway

    Closed, I'd say.

  • brooklyngem
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    Re: l18n - Install PHPUnit without PEAR or CLI Link to this post

    Hi LePhil,

    I'm having similar issue. (I have 3.0 installed on a hosted server.) Since I don't have a whole lot of hard coded text that need to be translated, I want to manually create the translation file instead of running the text collector.

    Where did you place the translation file and how do you format it?

    I tried creating a file in: mysite/lang/en_US.yml

    Then entered the text like this:

    HelloWorld: 'Hello World!'

    Then in the template, I added the translation like this:

    <%t NameSpace.HelloWorld "Hello World!" %>

    But it's not working. :S What am I doing wrong?? I'd appreciate any help!

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