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  • KungK
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    [SOLVED] Architectural question Link to this post


    I'm building a kinda special site for a client. It's a big company with multiple web shops that should look the same (except for a logo and some text). The client wants to be able to create new shops through a wizard and create accounts for people to manage the shops categories, products and some shop specific settings. So there is a need not for one (or several) user(s) to manage all the shops but multiple users that manage different shops.

    I'm thinking SilverStripe cause I really like what I've done so far (which isn't much btw).

    What is the best architectural solution for this in SilverStripe? Should a shop be an object or page?
    How do I create the permissions so that a user only can edit one object/page?

    Any pointers in the right direction and any feedback is welcome!


  • KungK
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    Re: [SOLVED] Architectural question Link to this post

    Embarrassing enough I didn't even know about the Access tab in the CMS =P (New in SS 3.0?)

    If I create a wizard (page) which does the following:

    1. Create a group for the shop and adds the current user.
    2. Creates a page (of type Shop page) and changes the access to the newly created group.
    (2.1 Makes the current user the owner of the group)
    3. Redirects the user to the created page.

    That should be a valid solution?
    Anything I should think about in this solution or anything negative about it? Otherwise I'll set this thread as solved.

    Thanks to SStuck on IRC!

    Ps. Knew there was a easy fix for this in SilverStripe ;)

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