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  • woodb2
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    Question (and looking for suggestions) for running many SilverStrip sites Link to this post

    Where I work, SilverStripe is being used by many groups for small team sites. We aren't using the multisite module and we prefer to keep each team site independent.

    At the moment there's probably around 15 sites and it looks like it could grow rapidly (people love it).

    I'm finding it difficult to make upgrades and enhancements. I currently have a startsite that I duplicate when I start a new team site.

    I'm thinking of doing something like the following so I'm wondering if any of you have done this or if you foresee some obvious pitfalls.

    I'm thinking instead of duplicating the StartSite folder, I'll just create the NewSite folder and inside of it, just create a symbolic links to the folders I want to always be the same (sapphire, cms, themes and all the modules). I could probably make links to most every thing in mysite too. Any changes I just need to change the files in the StartSite folder.

    Is there a way to have SilverStripe load a _config.php that just has the unique information for that site and then load an addition _config_common.php file (similar how apache loads many config files)? I just built a new page and I need to add information for the lucene search module to find it. I need to add those lines to every _config.php file I have. If I could have a _config_common.php to just load the common items that would be great.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated,

  • Banana
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    Re: Question (and looking for suggestions) for running many SilverStrip sites Link to this post

    I do not have that much seperate sites, but I have the same problem. SilverStripe is not build to manage multiple clients with one installation. You can have multiple themes but only one code folder.

    I've managed to tweak the themes functionality to have a common theme which is share with the others. Also I have modified the manifest builder to include the code I want at build. This way I have some controle over the code and can use the same code everywhere.

    But I still need to use seperate installations since the config needs to be different.

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