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  • tazzydemon
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    Multiple Page Trees in 3.0 Link to this post

    Guys and Gals,

    Ill try posting this here instead of cms.

    I have recently been re-exploring Modx because of its context switching which enables me to have several sites in one admin page all with their own page trees. It also has better widget capability (but that's another issue). However Modx soft coding despite being complex and powerful is also cumbersome and rather slow. Silverstripe is clean and mean.

    How would one go about having two or more page trees in SS3, each responding to its own url? The subsites module is not yet ready for 3.0 and does not do that anyway.

    My problem is not the routing. I have done that with mobile sites. Its the separate page trees, one per site. I am guessing this would be achieved with holders but then I would wind up with page types extending the holders so there would be N(site) times the number of page types. Some guidance or hints would be greatly appreciated. I don't want Silverstripe subsites as such. I want them all in the same admin tree.


  • Banana
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    Re: Multiple Page Trees in 3.0 Link to this post

    You could use the translation functionality to create a seperate site tree... But this is only a "last chance" trick.

    SilverStripe is not build to manage multiple clients at once. So creating seperate installations is the best way.

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