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  • theGermaniac
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    Custom sort of DataObjects Link to this post

    Hey there!

    How can I custom sort DataObjects - means how to sort them independent from it's columns. This was possible with the DataObject Manager Module in SS 2.x and it was great!

    Thanks. Mario

  • Matty Balaam
    Community Member
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    Re: Custom sort of DataObjects Link to this post

    I think it's going to be introduced to the core at a later date, but at the moment you need to install this module:


  • DesignerX.com.au
    Community Member
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    Re: Custom sort of DataObjects Link to this post

    That module works great .. It took me sometime to get it working so here few things that may save you alot of time :
    Example for a basic Gallery module = Gallery has_many GalleryImages
    ** GalleryImage.php
    - Make sure you add field for SortID
    Code to use :
    // to change the default sorting to the new SortID
    public static $default_sort = 'SortID Asc';
    // To change the Default Value if SortID to LastSortID+1 , basic auto sort
    function onBeforeWrite() {
    if (!$this->SortID) {
    return $this->SortID = $this->getNextSortID();

    public function getNextSortID() {
    return $this->SGallery()->Images()->Last()->SortID + 1;

    ** Gallery.php
    function getCMSFields() {
    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
    $gridFieldConfig = GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor::create();
    new GridFieldSortableRows("SortID")

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