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  • marc79
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    ImageField Error Link to this post

    I have added 5 image fields to the homepage of a site I am building to allow my client the ability to upload images to a carousel via the CMS.

    This all worked fine on my localhost server but when I upload the site to live I am getting an intermittent error for some of the image fields.

    It seems that quite randomly any number of the imagefields will display a 'Sorry, there was a problem with handling your request. Visit www.silverstripe.org to download the CMS' message.

    There is not pattern as to which are throwing the error that I can see and this is only happening in the 'Live' environment. I've attached a screenshot as an example.

    I have other image fields in use for other pages which all seem to be working fine. Only thing I can think is a permission issue but that doesn't really explain that randomness of the issue.

    I would appreciate any suggestionsas to why this might be happening...


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