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    Join order on Datalist Count Link to this post

    Encountered an issue with using the ORM in Silverstripe 3.

    I have a DataObject OrderItem, and Deal inherits from OrderItem. Deal has a has_one Mechanic (Member).

    The issue arises when I try to use the filter function

    $deals = Deal::get()->filter(array(
    "Mechanic.SuburbID:ExactMatch" => $suburb

    It gives an error on DataList->Count. The issue appears to be that it joins on the Mechanic (Member table) before it joins on the Deal table.

    I am able to get around the issue by explicitly joining the Deal table with ->leftJoin before calling filter.

    Also, I've found the relations only seem to work when you use a search filter with them, e.g. "Mechanic.SuburbID:ExactMatch" => $suburb works but "Mechanic.SuburbID" => $suburb doesn't.

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