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  • vwd
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    SS3 + "isDev=1" -> Uncaught SS_HTTPResponse_Exception Link to this post


    Whenever I do an ?isDev=1 on a "live" SS3 site, I get the following error:

    [Error] Uncaught SS_HTTPResponse_Exception:

    When I programmatically set the site in dev mode (via _ss_environment.php -> define('SS_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE', 'dev')) the issue goes away.

    Actually I notice I get the same error on a SS2.4.6 site, but it continues running. I'm actually trying to profile the site (?debug_profile=1&isDev=1) and even though the SS2.4.6 site logs the uncaught exception, it continues running and displays the debug profile. However, with the SS3 site, I end up getting either a 500 or 503 error from the server

    Does anyone else have any problems with ?isDev=1 on sites which are programatically set to 'live' mode?


  • t|m
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    Re: SS3 + "isDev=1" -> Uncaught SS_HTTPResponse_Exception Link to this post

    I am having the same issue. Will let you know as soon as I find something!


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