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    SS 3.0 Problem with URLSegments and dots (worked in 2.4) Link to this post


    I'm currently facing a problem with dots in urlsegments what worked with silverstripe 2.4.X but doesn't with 3.X.

    I have pages which have dots in their title field and in silverstripe 2.4.X they automatically got converted into dashes. In 3.X dots remain in the generated url segment.
    But now I cannot open the page in the frontend since the last part after a dot is handled as an extension and the remaining part is not found in the list of urlsegments.
    For example the title "A Cool.company.name" is translated into the urlsegment "a-cool.company.name" and each request to this urlsegment is splitted into "a-cool.company" as the url and "name" as the extension.
    Is this a feature?

    I found the responsible code:
    In 2.4 the generateURLSegment method in the SiteTree class has the following code to replace dots with dashes:


    In ss 3 the introduced URLSegmentFilter instead uses this expression which leaves all dots:


    Of course, now I could replace the default replacements in this URLSegmentFilter with the old one, but I would like to know why dots are now permitted and therefore are now causing problems with dots in titles.

    I hope I chose the right forum(?)

    thank you


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