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  • Fraser
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    SS3: upload image to Widget Link to this post

    I'm creating a few widgets for a project I'm working on and it seems widgets do not have access to any of the other classes from outside the widget. I've tried adding a has_one static for both image and SiteTree classes (see example below for image example) and I am getting the same error when I try and add the cms field: Fatal error: Call to a member function FormAction() on a non-object in /..../sapphire/forms/FormField.php on line 139

    class AdBoxWidget extends Widget{
       static $title = "";
       static $cmsTitle = "Ad Box Widget";
       static $description = "Ad Box widget. To add an image, Title and Link";

       static $db = array(
          "Title" => "Text",
          "Link" => "Text",
          "AdLinkText" => "Text"
       static $defaults = array(
          "Title" => 'Ad Title',
          "Link" => 'http://',      
          "AdLinkText" => 'Click here for more info',
       static $has_one = array(
          'AdImage' => 'Image'

       function getCMSFields(){
          return new FieldList(
             new TextField("Title", "Ad Title"),
             new TextField("Link", "Ad Link"),
             new TextField("AdLinkText", "Text for Link"),
             new UploadField("AdImage", "Ad image")
       function getAd(){
          $output = new ArrayList();
             new ArrayData(
                   "Title" => $this->Title,
                   "Link" => $this->Link,
                   "AdLinkText" => $this->AdLinkText
          return $output;

  • swaiba
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    Re: SS3: upload image to Widget Link to this post

    I've no idea (helpful eh?) about SS3, but since widgets barely have made it as working and seem to be in teh same structure I can image it isn't better than the situation 2 years ago when I made this to work arroun the issue...


    The other solution is to use BBcode parser on the widget.

    However both workaround that require uploading the image first in file & images... would be very intrested to here these workarounds are not required in SS3 widgets...

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