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  • edwardlewis
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    SS3 Website Speed Link to this post

    I have been going through the forum reading posts about what can be done to speed up SS. There are quite a few posts, but lots of them are fairly old and I don't know how relevant they are to SS3.

    I'm currently in the process of building a site and I'm concerned that it is sometimes quite slow to load pages.

    Testing with tools like pingdom and yslow show the site is ok, but from spending time browsing through pages as I have been adding content etc it does often hang. The site is in development, so I'm just in the process of changing bits, eg optimisiting the code, changing images to my CDN, and at the moment I havent really looked into caching items.

    The site is hosted on my private VPS, so server wise there should be no issues. The same thing happens when working locally in MAMP which makes me think it's not a webserver issue as such.

    The url of the site is: http://looksfishy.co.uk/

  • Sam
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    Re: SS3 Website Speed Link to this post

    The best way to deal with performance problems is to work out which URL request is slow and then identify what code is causing the slow-down.

    Facebook's XHProf - https://github.com/facebook/xhprof - is an excellent tool in this regard.

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