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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • chigro
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    PhpStorm setup Link to this post


    I was just reading in SilverStripe Core Development Google group that the internal developers use PhpStorm for development. I was wondering that if anybody from the core team sees this post, if they could share their setup/settings. It'd be really cool if we can get some silverstripe code completion!

  • swaiba
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    Re: PhpStorm setup Link to this post

    I use this and there is no setup required... make a new project select the root folder... wait for it to finish analysing everything and viola... code completion.

    (Note same thing is true for NetBeans)

  • candidasa
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    Re: PhpStorm setup Link to this post

    I also like using PHPStorm. It's a great IDE for SilverStripe development.

    Some SilverStripe-specific things like the $db variables do not auto-complete. But that isn't too big an issue for me. Otherwise, like swaiba says, it all just works out of the box. Version control integration is great, too.

  • zav
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    Re: PhpStorm setup Link to this post

    What file type do you set your .ss templates too?
    At the moment I'm using Smarty, but there's no colouring or auto completion.

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