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  • svandragt
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    Why cache draft content? Link to this post

    What reasons are there for caching draft content by default?

    I'm asking this because I've added the following code to mysite/_config.php to restrict caching directives:

    // limit caching to test + live environment and "Published stage" only
    if (Director::isDev() || Versioned::current_stage() !== 'Live') {
    SS_Cache::set_cache_lifetime('any', -1, 100);

    It makes sense to me to have that as a default for SilverStripe in general, because this prevents draft caches from showing on the live site by mistake. I've had this happen with draft menu links for example. It seems a more sensible default from my understanding.

    Why would it be desirable to have caching enabled in draft stages?

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