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    What is the most MySQL resource expensive operation or query a basic SS site can perform? Link to this post


    Just wondering what the heaviest MySQL resource load operation is please?

    My web host has upgraded MySQL Governor and it is now regularly clamping down on a few of the sites for excessive MySQL read volume.

    For example, here is a log entry from MySQL Governor:

    [Mon Dec 3 16:07:49 2012] XXXXXX LIMIT_ENFORCED period current value,
    field read value 5435850787/limit 1000000000
    restrict level 1
    loadavg(1.21 0.76 0.72 3/895 940326)
    vmstat( 1 4 108 443196 321808 2993108 0 0 143 127 1 0 9 7 80 4 0) cpu = 0.000000,
    read = 5435850787, write = 1671442879

    What's quite bizarre is that the read value is actually 5435850787 bytes. What could possibly be causing a ~5GB read from MySQL? The site is having very low traffic at that time. Never more than 5 concurrent visitors. And outside the CMS, the site has a very straightforward DataModel - very basic.

    I'd like to do an experiment by performing the most expensive operation(s) in SS and see what the MySQL Governor stats are to be sure that the Governor is reporting correctly - it seems to be orders of magnitude more than it should be.

    Would a /dev/build?flush=all be very expensive? Any other suggestions?

    Kind regards,

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