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  • bharlow
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    User Permissions in SilverStripe 3 Link to this post

    I have setup a site using SilverStripe 3.0.3 and everything is going great until I needed to setup some additional security groups that have restricted access to the site.

    My issue is that even though I have removed the ability to edit pages, my test user can still seem to edit them.

    Here are screenshots of my base install of 3.0.3 using the default Content Author Group.

    1. Group Permissions - http://goo.gl/4Fhy3
    2. User Settings - http://goo.gl/yuDQN
    3. User Permissions - http://goo.gl/fPhMV

    I logged in as that example user and was able to edit a page, despite Group Permissions having the Edit Any Page unchecked.

    So is this a bug or is there some configuration I am missing?

    In the end, I need to setup a group that will be restricted to editing a specific set of content and request publication of that content.

  • Willr
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    Re: User Permissions in SilverStripe 3 Link to this post

    Try creating a new group with only rights they need, assign the member to this new group and then under the page set the new group as the editor (under the access tab)

  • bharlow
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    Re: User Permissions in SilverStripe 3 Link to this post


    So I tried that and did not get quite the result I was expecting, but it made me think about where the Site Tree Permissions got moved to in SS3.

    I found them under Settings > Access

    After making the Administrator there only have edit and the Blogger Group then have access to one page, did I get the result I was looking for.

    Thank you for jogging the memory.


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