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  • Lemonie
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    Confused between Joomla and Silverstripe?! Link to this post

    I have been using Silverstripe for almost 12 months now but after a brief foray into Joomla recently I see I have not been using it properly. I currently do everything via the WYSIWYG editor and moving everything manually when it needs to move to another area.

    In Joomla, I write an article, assign it to category and I can change that category. Where on earth is that function on here as I haven't found it. I am a complete newbie to CMS and am not sure I have the know how to use Silverstripe.

    Is silverstripe on a par with Joomla with regards to skill levels or is Silverstripe just for serious developers?

  • feejin
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    Re: Confused between Joomla and Silverstripe?! Link to this post

    It sounds like you're doing two different things with two different CMS's. If you fired up a third CMS you'd probably find it was different again.

    To have articles in Silverstripe with the functionality you describe in Joomla you would create a new page type or dataobject with fields such as category so that content could be organised in this manner.

    Out of the box, Joomla probably offers more options and has a load of modules that are easily installed. Silverstripe, on the other hand, has a greater learning curve but is much nicer (IMO) to develop for when it comes to customising the CMS.

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