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  • nicknick
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    Creating a simple filter help Link to this post

    Hi all, since last on ive been busy creating my site and i have to say its getting easier but i need a little help again.
    im writing pages for motorbike sales and the flow is like this


    NewbikeHolder->Make 1
    BikePage ->bike1
    BikePage ->bike2
    BikePage ->bike3
    NewbikeHolder->Make 2
    BikePage ->bike1
    BikePage ->bike2
    BikePage ->bike3
    NewbikeHolder->Make 3
    BikePage ->bike1
    BikePage ->bike2
    BikePage ->bike3

    Hope thats clear as mud lol (its the admin tree view if you like)
    anyway when a visitor gets down to BikePage level the get the details and pics for the bike make and model i.e one entry
    now on that page ive created a css scroller to scroll image1 of my many-many images (using an if exists loop) this works mint. but i can only filter it by inputting the NewbikeHolder Id in manually, so when a visitor is viewing Make3 Bike 3 he sees scrolling images for Make1 bikes.

    anyway here is the code i need to filter and perhaps it will make perfect sense.

    public function Otherbikes($num=10) {
    $holder = NewbikeHolder::get();
    return ($holder) ? BikePage::get()->filter(array('ParentID' => '32'))->limit($num) : false;

    i need to change the below line to $Up.ID instead of 32 or similar.
    BikePage::get()->filter(array('ParentID' => '32'))->limit($num)

    so the above code runs in BikePage.php This is the currently at page and i need to call the data for all members of this pages parent id. i.e bike1, bike2, bike3 etc.

    I hope ive explained it well enough and im sure its simple if your not working through it by trial and error like me.

    Thanks in advance

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