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  • PSNick
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    Is it right for me? Link to this post


    I have a particular need for a CMS, explained below, and i was hoping the community would be able to tell me if SilverStripe would help me achieve my goals either with the core installation or with available mods.

    I am currently in need of a CMS to hold several of the same type of page, so it should preferably be able to have a page template that can be reused. Each page should have an application name, uploaded document files related to it, the servers in which these apps are running on, and support contacts related to that application (especially the contacts should be stored in a database since we reuse many of them and bind them to different of this application pages).
    Also if possible, the search results need to display particular fields of those pages, being able to search by server/system, contacts, applications. (Preferable, not necessary)
    And finally, it should be possible to edit each page and the related information directly on that page or link to the edit page from there, instead of using an admin panel (Only for these pages, templates and any other admin information can use an admin page). (Also preferable, not necessary)

    Thank you very much reading and any help you can provide, i really appreciate it!


  • IOTI
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    Re: Is it right for me? Link to this post

    Hi PSNick,

    SilverStripe can do anything you want it to do. You'll definitely have the ability to reuse a page template, and customize that page template in anyway you see fit. You'll have to be comfortable with PHP and learning the the template engine (which is pretty easy) to achieve what you want.

    Regarding search, a search is available "out of the box" but it is somewhat limited in that it will only look at pages Titles and Content. It can be expanded to search other fields but again you'll have to be comfortable with PHP.

    As for editing a page directly on the page that functionality is not built into the system. Its definitely possible but you'll have to build custom forms for achieving it. Why not just take advantage of the already use friendly CMS? You could add a link somewhere that says "Edit this page in the CMS" that would link directly to the edit page in the CMS (With user login of course).

    SilverStripe, especially with the release of 3.0, is getting better and better all the time. There is a great community of developers making free, open source modules and SilverStripe is taking great strides it making getting those modules easier. Hope you try it out.


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