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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • EyezGlazed
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    Is this easy to implement to an already designed website?? Link to this post


    I'm not very good with PHP, I've had a vBulletin forum and I managed to redesign it, that's pretty much it actually.. just so you know.

    I have a website now that I have designed and I want to add the functionality of a CMS to it. I'm tired of updating all the pages in notepad. I also want to make it possible to have users and assign them rights to update specific pages (some are writers, others answer questions for a F.A.Q. section, some create events, some update values of objects and so on). Would this be possible with this CMS in a way that I basicly can paste the codes on the right pages and then administer them from within the CMS?


    I have a news section. I want to replace the content (the news entries) with a script in my html code so that I can just login to a CMS and enter new posts there.

    My coding for the layout is very fragile so to speak, so I don't want any new markup to be added that would mess with my website layout. All that should be possible to change in a post should be: BOLD/ITALIC/UNDERLINE, add links with different presets of classes, add H1's with different classes (I have different ones of each, some links have one css-class, others have another, same goes with H1's that I differentiate depending on where they are in the same way as the links) and insertion of images and of course alignment of text and images (left, center and right). Very basic really.

    Also: I would like to have an image uploader with categories so that I, and users can upload images and then easily use them when writing new content!

    Would this CMS fit or would I have a lot of hassle trying to incorporate it? And how much does it cost? Is it one time price or running monthly?

  • martimiz
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    Re: Is this easy to implement to an already designed website?? Link to this post


    The great thing with SilverStripe is that you can do almost everything with it. The downside might be that it is a bit of a developers kind of CMS, so you'd need some knowledge of php and other webtechniques to be comfortable with it, if you want to do everything yourself.

    SilverStripe is open source software, and you are free to install it. So there are no costs involved, but for a decent hosting platform, because SilverStripe isn't the lightest of software.

    This forum is available as a SilverStripe module - and There are other modules that support what you are asking for, but you might have to tweak them a bit to suit your ideas. But that is the strength of SilverStripe: tweaking stuff is often quite doable because of the way SilverStripe is built. En the community is very helpful

    My advice would be to install SilverStripe


    and then follow the tutorials to get an idea of what you're dealing with:



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