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  • Sultan
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    TreeDropdownField Link to this post

    TreeDropdownField makes the page blank. The version i m using is 3.0 When i open the treedropdownfield which contains the list of all local pages and then resize the window the page goes all blank. I dont know whether its SS bug or some bug which came coz of my work.
    Console has this error - TypeError: $(...).attr(...) is undefined
    [Break On This Error]    

    I have added the field in the following manner -
    public static $has_one = array(
    'PGFirstThumburl'          => 'SiteTree',
    $PGFirstThumbImageURL = new TreeDropdownField("PGFirstThumburlID", "URL for image one", "SiteTree");

    If there is anything plz help me...

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