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  • zenmonkey
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    Debugging onBeforeWrite Issues Link to this post

    I have an onBeforeWrite that will work on new Page creation but not on resaving an existing page, can't figure out why

       function onBeforeWrite() {
          if ( is_null($this->Lat) || is_null($this->Lon) ) {
             $LatLon = Geocoder::Geocode($this->Address." ".($this->City()->Title == "Rural Communities" ? $this->Town : $this->City()->Title).", Ontario ".$this->PostalCode);
             if($LatLon) {
                $this->Lat = $LatLon["Lat"];
                $this->Lon = $LatLon["Lon"];


    I know on the resave the is_null fires true if the field is null, and if I check $this->Lat or $this->Lon before the parent::onBeforeWrite() does show the changed value but it doesn't make it the DB

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