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    domains linked to pages in the website Link to this post

    In the pre v3.00 version of Silverstripe, there was a 'Use this page as the 'home page' for the following domains' textfield in the behaviour tab of each page which allowed a particular domain to land on that page. It was a neat feature if you had a website that you wanted a specific domain to land on a specific page. eg. I did a website for a Celebrant that does both weddings and funerals - he wanted a domain specifically for weddings to land on the weddings page and again a seperate one for funerals to land on the funerals page. This worked very well under SS2.x alas it does not work at all on SS3.x and there is no behaviour tab anywhere in sight.

    Does anyone know what happened and how this very useful functionality can be restored?

    Any help would be appreciated


    Helooooo, is there anyone out there???

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