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  • etkinss
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    DataObject distinct problem Link to this post

    i need to get the distinct Ilans. I've tried using removeDuplicates but it didn't remove duplicates from the drop down menu.

    function getUniqueCities() {

    $cities = DataObject::get('Ilan', '', 'Sehir ASC');
    if(!$cities) return false;


    return $cities;

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  • martimiz
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    Re: DataObject distinct problem Link to this post

    That would probably be because the query returns entire records, where at least the ID is never duplicated. Maybe only select the city column would work for you?

    As here: http://www.silverstripe.org/data-model-questions/show/22128

  • Bambii7
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    Re: DataObject distinct problem Link to this post

    Are you using 2.4 or 3?? Looks like in SS3 this is only available on an ArrayList not a DataList...

    If SS3 you could try
    $cities = DataObject::get('Ilan', null, 'Sehir ASC', null, null, 'ArrayList');

    It would be best to push all this back into a DB query if possible, with something like GROUP BY Sheir. Other wise it's just loading unnecessary stuff into memory + SQL will be much fast at sorting out the duplicates.

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