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  • DesignerX.com.au
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    SS3 CMS Problems / Bugs ? Link to this post

    for the past 2 days i have been trying to get SS3 (3.0.5 & 3.1 RC1) but I got many problems. In general, most of the problems are "not moving to the next page/step when an object/page is created". I will provide more details below:
    1- When I create a page, the CMS doesnt move to the "Page Edit" & it gets stuck on the "Add new page" Page (URL = admin/pages/add/)

    2- When I manage an object with ModelAdmin , It gets stuck on creating the object & doesnt go to the "Object edit" screen.
    I get this error in Firebug Console:
    Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression:
    Line 32

    3- When i'm moving in the CMS sections, like from Pages to Files to Security ; sometimes it doesnt move to that page. Like clicking the "File" tab has no effect until I refresh the page. (I noticed this bug happens on Sections with GridField in them, like Files & Security most of the time ? I could be wrong)

    This is test was on
    - Local XAMPP server on Windows 7 . I had many previous installs of SS2.4 to SS3 beta with no problems.
    - Firefox 23 & quick test on Chrom (got the same results)
    - Using fresh install of both SS3.0.5 (stable) & SS3.1 RC1

    Anyone having these problem & how can we fix them. Please ask if there is anymore info that I can provide to help us fix this problem.

  • DesignerX.com.au
    Community Member
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    Re: SS3 CMS Problems / Bugs ? Link to this post

    Ok, for anyone having a similar problem, all this was due to a "space' before the <?php tag in one of my classes.

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