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  • RayRay
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    Slow Admin Link to this post

    We have just had a fab new business website made with Silverstripe. I can do website admin from anywhere but it is impossible to do in the office where we obviously need to do it most. Logging on is quick but when I try to move between pages it just slows down to an impossibly slow speed that the admin pages just won't open up at all (box with 3 dots in just stays on screen). Having very little knowledge of these matters I would have assumed that my problem was in my broadband speed - it can take over 3 minutes to send a 12Mb email though. I have just tested our broadband speed as download 8.23 and upload of 1.02. Can anyone please tell me if it is a broadband problem? I have tried both wired and wireless computers in the office and with the same slow result. It is just impossible to administer our website from our premises. I have to do it all at home which isn't a satisfactory solution. I know this isn't a Silverstripe problem but would really appreciate any suggestions.

  • martbarr
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    Re: Slow Admin Link to this post

    Hi, I'd start by clearing my browser cache, and running browser in safe mode or at least disabling as many addins as poss.
    You are using Firefox?
    Next would run ccleaner to delete temporary crud.
    Assuing you are on pc....
    That does it for me.


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