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  • vtsr60
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    Functional Test Director::test always returns 404 Link to this post

    Hi I am trying out the Unit testing in SilverStripe, I got stuck, I am pretty new to SilverStripe.

    My Unit test files looks like this

    class FrontBasicTest extends FunctionalTest {
        protected static $fixture_file = 'mysite/tests/FrontBasicTest.yml';
       * Test generation of the view
       public function testBasicView() {
          $response1 = Director::test('about/');

    YML File I have put this

    Title: Home
    Title: About Us
    Title: Staff
    URLSegment: my-staff
    Parent: =>Page.about

    RedirectionType: Internal
    LinkTo: =>Page.home

    I tried different things, but I always get 404 error page as the Print output.

    But If I access the admin page it working as expected, for example 'admin/pages' is returning login page.

    My main aim to to grab HTML of the front site page and check for particular div present, So Please let me know what I am doing worng, How can I grab the HTML of the front site page in unit test.

    Thank you

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