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  • socks
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    External RSS Feed Page Link to this post

    I'm upgrading to SS3.1 from 2.4 and am using code from the blog module, but it's not working.

    I get an "Uncaught LogicException: 0" error.

    If I uncomment the include_once (which is what I had in my 2.4 version), I just get a white page.

    class FeedPage extends Page {


       function getAbsoluteRssUrl() {
          $urlParts = parse_url($this->RssUrl);
          if(!isset($urlParts['host']) || !$urlParts['host']) {
             return Director::absoluteBaseURL() . $this->RssUrl;
          } else {
             return $this->RssUrl;
    function Title() {
    return ($this->RssTitle) ? $this->RssTitle : 'RSS Feed';

    function getFeedItems() {
    $output = new ArrayList();

    // include_once(Director::getAbsFile(FRAMEWORK_DIR . '/thirdparty/simplepie/simplepie.inc'));

    // Protection against infinite loops when an RSS widget pointing to this page is added to this page
    if(stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'SimplePie')) {
    return $output;

    if(!class_exists('SimplePie')) {
    throw new LogicException(
    'Please install the "simplepie/simplepie" library by adding it to the "require" '
    + 'section of your composer.json'

    $t1 = microtime(true);
    $feed = new SimplePie();
    if($items = $feed->get_items(0, $this->NumberToShow)) {
    foreach($items as $item) {

    // Cast the Title
    $title = new Text('Title');

    $output->push(new ArrayData(array(
    'Title' => $title,
    'Content' => $item->get_content(),
    'Date' => $item->get_date(),
    'Link' => $item->get_link()
    return $output;


    Any help appreciated

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