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  • Martinjj
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    Error reporting with redirectBack Link to this post

    Hello, i am having issues with showing an error when a user registers an account using an "in use" email address.

    I am updating Arams site members code

    I have reworked the deprecated code and now it all functions well other than showing the error message on duplicated email used at registration.

    //Check for existing member email address
          if($member = DataObject::get_one("Member", "`Email` = '". Convert::raw2sql($data['Email']) . "'"))
             //Set error message
             $form->AddErrorMessage('Email', "Sorry, that email address already exists. Please choose another.", 'bad');
             //Set form data from submitted values
             Session::set("FormInfo.Form_RegistrationForm.data", $data);      
             //Return back to form
             return $this->redirectBack();         

    the code catches the duplicated email on sending, but fails to show the error message on redirectBack, im quite new to this but i would not have thought redirectback would be a typical approach as basicaly the page is just refreshing.

    i have tried return $this->redirectBack('Email); amongst other shots in the dark and having no success.

  • swaiba
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    Re: Error reporting with redirectBack Link to this post

    Instead of just relying on...

    $validator = new RequiredFields('FirstName', 'Email', 'Password');

    create a more complex validator that does your validation - then no need to do the validation in the submit (and hence no need to use redirect back). This is a post that addresses their use within ModelAdmin... And it is [kinda] the same for a form.


  • Martinjj
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    Re: Error reporting with redirectBack Link to this post

    Brilliant thanks... funnily enough i have just been checking this out on the docs http://doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/topics/datamodel which under "Validation and Constraints" shows a similar way as yours..

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