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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • Sygmoral
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    New to SilverStripe, but launching monday Link to this post

    Greetings SilverStripe!

    I only recently found out about SilverStripe, and decided that it sounded so good that I'd replace my own custom built-CMS with SilverStripe (3.1.2). I'm using it in a project however that I am supposed to give training for next monday and tuesday on location, and although it's going fairly well, I would appreciate some good pointers on a few areas!

    1. Translatable
    I installed the translatable module, and it works, but I don't like the way the URLs look :/ I would very much like them to be like /es/home (rather than /home-es-es or /home?locale=es-es). I found a post from 2009 about that, but that was even pre-2.4.
    Has anyone done this recently, is it explained somewhere?

    2. Editing pages with contenteditable
    Well, I know it's not supported. Any modules that do this in a good way?
    I noticed the x-page-id and x-cms-edit-link meta fields in the generated code, which looked promising, but then I read somewhere that this was only meant for the preview pane. But why does it also appear on the 'live website' then? Is there a javascript or something that can make use of it to easily direct people from a live page to the corresponding edit page? (which would be the next best thing after contenteditable)

    3. Emailing module
    I did not start on this yet, so I don't have specific questions yet. I will definitely need to implement it though. Is silverstripe / newsletter the best choice?
    I -will- need to custom build something into it: the user is supposed to be able to select a few blog posts (I still have to install that module as well), and generate an newsletter from them. I was thinking about simply pre-populating the newsletter's body with the content of whatever blog posts were selected. That way they can easily reuse content.
    If someone had a few pointers about how to do this (like, "you'll have to add a tab or page to the emailing CMS module and use this class or that data object there to access blog posts"), that would be great.

    That's it for now. Thanks in advance!

  • martimiz
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    Re: New to SilverStripe, but launching monday Link to this post

    I do not have an answer to all your questions, but as to the language prefix - i know there are more then one solution out there supporting that, both open source and commercial. It's all good stuff, depending on your requirements. I have one on github based on translatable, that might possibly work for you.

  • Sygmoral
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    Re: New to SilverStripe, but launching monday Link to this post

    That indeed looks like it does exactly what I need, thanks!

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