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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • behedwin
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    Is silverstripe for me? Link to this post

    Im new to silverstripe, never used it before atall.
    I am trying to create a webpage and thought id write a post here first to see if you think i should start working with silverstripe or just forget it.

    I want to create a webpage where any visitor can submit a title and a link (URL). This content that the visitor is submitting is then to be displayed in a list on my website.

    I have tried with Wordpress, but not found any good plugins to support and do it as i want it.
    I have NO background in programing.

    I hope that silverstripe will support this and allow me to set this up quite easily and without having to edit to much code, more work with plugins/extensions.

    What do you think?
    Is silverstripe for me?

  • kindlemanwill
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    Re: Is silverstripe for me? Link to this post

    Hi Behedwin

    Unfortunately the answer might be no.

    Silverstripe is a fantastic CMS, very very powerful and great to work with. That said, it does require a reasonable amount of PHP knowledge to do most things. You won't find many plugins to support end to end functionality. It's more utilities that help with parts of building your own website. & ideas. Which is great. If you are a programmer.

    I'm not sure what would be a better option except to write the page yourself using plain php or if you can stand the hosting hassles, ruby... You would have tons of fun, it would really be much simpler than trying to get onboard with a bigger framework like silverstripe or wordpress and it would be a great starting point for future web programming - who knows, maybe with silverstripe!

    If that sounds too hard, maybe something like wufoo forms?

    good luck! : )

  • vwd
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    Re: Is silverstripe for me? Link to this post

    I'd have to agree with kindlemanwill.

    SilverStripe would be a great option to achieve what you're after - if you did have some familiarity with PHP & programming in general.

    Do you already have a website? If you do what is it built with?


  • kevinstripe
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    Re: Is silverstripe for me? Link to this post

    yes if you know programing or PHP then you should go for SilverStripe.

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